Welcome to the Atelier Musical,
A spring-to-early-fall private concert series in the Hudson Valley

Hosted in a professional recording studio and recreating a salon style venue, the Atelier Musical concert series provides a rare opportunity for small audiences to experience art in the making, by being part of a live recording session.

These events retain the energy and connection of a live performance and offer the freedom to experiment. Musicians are free to redo a section of a piece, in search of a different dynamic or interpretation, allowing sometimes stunning results! After the performance, audience members can visit the control room of the recording studio where they often strike up fascinating conversations about the experience, the process of recording, and what goes into performing to record.

Witnessing nonamplified performances in an acoustically designed space allows everyone to re-experience the physicality of sound. Being close to the musicians, feeling the vibrations in the floor, in your seat and in your bones redefines music for what it is! A physical experience, a pulse that is impossible to experience when listening to music through a phone or 30+ feet away from the musicians in a regular concert hall.

This “embryonic” Atelier Musical series is born from a desire to share the passion of sound, and we sincerely hope it will nurture a community that wants to take part in producing music performances and recording productions.

A creative space - A musical retreat

We look forward to sharing time together and enjoying stellar performances!!!