Welcome to the Atelier Musical,
A spring-to-early-fall private concert series in the Hudson Valley

L’Atelier Musical is a crossroad for sound crafts, talents and science. From the instrument maker to the composer, from the performer to the acoustician, from the recording engineer to the speaker builder promoting audiophile’s enjoyment seating at home.

Our Mission is to assemble a community that will nurture the work & process of musical expression by commissioning music performances and recording productions, while playing an educational role.

Our Purpose is to provide composers, performers & technicians, the opportunity to develop their art, and work together to achieve excellence without the crushing financial burden that this critical process entails.

Our Format allows members & audiences to be an active part of these performances/productions, develop an educational initiative of Master classes, workshops & internships so we can experience all these passions, talents and expertise at work.

Our Concept focuses on "production residencies" ending with immersive public presentations, promoting interactions between all the participants while recreating the salon experience in a state-of-the-art production facility.

Patrick Lo Re
Patrick Lo ReFounder
Patrick Lo Re is a Grammy nominated sound engineer and acoustic designer

 I want to thank Sabrina, Deb, Karen, Janet, Alta, Andrea, Ann, Heike, Luisa, Susan, 
Chris, Ned, John, Mahmoud, Michael, Patrice, Philip, Bob, Jim and Tosh
and all the volunteers that are actively helping put this third season together!
Thank you all for sharing this adventure !