L’atelier Musical concert series is held at One Soul Studios, a private state-of-the-art recording facility and acoustical venue located:

853 route 144 New Baltimore NY 12124

We are pleased to feature:

An 1881 Centennial Steinway D # 46451

A 1904 Steinway B # 112803

A fully climate controlled facility promoting the stability of the instruments

Variable acoustic engineering, which allows us to control the natural reverberation time of our live room from 0.7 to 2 seconds

A projection screen with a 156” diagonal image size ( 16:9 viewing area; 120” W x 76” H)

Limited seating up to 35 in a comfortable salon setting

An Audiophile Klinger Favre Audio listening room showcasing Speakers- Amplifiers- DACS

VISITS can be scheduled by APPOINTMENTS ONLY



From across the parking of the Post Office you will see a sign for L’Atelier Musical, drive up the driveway going up the hill and we will be there!


L’Atelier Musical 853 route 144 New Baltimore NY 12124